Woman’s Thigh! Perfect Advertisement Place


Don Draper, an advertising company in Japan has found a new solution- To advertise on the thighs of women. Such advertisement on thighs of woman is considered to be very cost-effective in terms of monetary terms.

Advertising is an expensive engagement anywhere in the world, but it is pertinent to mention here that in Japan alone iit cost to corporate industry around ¥ 300 billion to get their advertisement on ‘outdoor’ outlooks.

The current set rate to paste an advertisement on a woman’s thigh is $ 121 per day. In the starting phase, there are about 3,000 Japanese girls who have signed the contract for advertising for the movies ‘Ted’ and ‘Band Green Day‘.

However, advertising company has set some rules in order to be eligible. They are as under.

  1. The girl must be 18 or more.
  2. The applicant girl should have 20 friends on social networking site.
  3. They have to take pictures of their thighs from two different positions before uploding it to that social networking site.
  4. The girls are recommended that they wear skirts and long socks so that it attracts the viewers right on the thigh- where advertisement is .. 😉

The CEO of the advertisement agency says that its perfect location for the advertisement as the thighs are the things boys wants to look at and girls want to show off.


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