About Me!!!


I am Waqar Ahmed Shar Baloch. I am currently doing a day job as an executive Secretary in a fertilizer company. Unfortunately the dreams that I have seen for my family and to meet them this job is not enough, so I have started to take ‘Writing’ seriously. For being a writer who can earn I have gone through a painful path i.e. to read and learn purposefully. This ranges from learning English Grammar to reading literature works to autobiographies to the amazing fiction and non-fiction works.

I want to be a professional writer and want to make it my source of income. This demands that I must be very professional and my skills should be of that standard which can be sold out.

Still my life is not even of a middle class individual. I have a lot of problem with my life, am struggling for the basic needs. So am waiting for a miracle.

My goal is to be an efficient writer who can write deeply, correctly and to the point. The ultimate aim is to be of a significant importance and to let the world at large get benefit of my hard work for the consideration of money they owe to me as a result of my labor for them.

I am also writing for electronic and print media. My articles have been published there as I have just started to contribute.

I can be reached by emailing me at waqar_optimist@hotmail.com at any time suitable for you. For any freelancing work which pertains to ‘Writing’ you can hire me at Guru.com, ODesk.com or Elance.com.

I am on social media too, please contact me at Twitter: @iamwaqar


12 thoughts on “About Me!!!”

  1. I love your philosophy of life. I strive for the same things but that little devil anger keeps tripping me up. Maybe I can learn a thing o r two from you.

  2. nice to meet u here my friend..and thanks for your email…I guess I am just trying to live the life as much as possible as it makes me happy I can say 🙂 And happiness is the goal here…

  3. Waqar as u have written boldly about victimization of lady ” shar community writeup “it refects your robbest activism for the b for human rights, i hope you will be continue with this journey of thoughts ,indeed we all should be together raise our voice against such cruel act..

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