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Owl and the Parrots – Short Story

Once upon a time there was a couple of parrots who were flying across a dark, barren and destructed jungle. They kept flying all the day and thought to do some rest as the darkness had started to replace the bright day. They landed on an old tree that seemed to be like dead one- without life.

He-parrot took an aerial view of the whole jungle and said to her wife. “Have a look at the jungle; it’s so lonely, so life-less and I bet that this jungle must belong to owls.” Before his wife could make an opinion, an owl who was sitting nearby branch interrupted with his hoarse voice saying “Welcome to our jungle- it’s been so long that nobody has visited us. I will be really honored if you accepted my invitation to host you.”

Both the parrots looked at each other and were happy that they found some native who can afford to take them to his home. When they reached owl’s home, owl showed great generosity and did everything that one could expect from Hatim Tai. He presented delicious fruits to the couple and gave very comfortable bed for them to sleep on.

On the next day parrots gave thanks to owl and they said that they were really thankful for his hospitality and sought his permission to leave. When they were about to fly Owl grabbed she-parrot’s hand and said “where are you going my wife”.  He-Parrot was shocked and couldn’t believe what he heard. Parrot went furious and thought to appear in the Jungle’s court to get justice. After all the proceedings court came to the conclusion that she-parrot was actually owl’s wife. Owl rejoiced and parrot busted into tears for this final stroke which hurt him so badly.

He- parrot now thought to fly alone but owl came soon after him and said “ I have to tell you something so let’s go home. I know your journey is long and that you must have some food with you so that you can’t survive because as you know this jungle is barren and you will die out of hunger.” Parrot thought that now there is nothing else that this mischievous owl could do him. Owl had already snatched what he had. So he agreed to go with him.

When they reached owl’s home and he was waiting for the promised food. Owl appeared with a lot of food hampers and his wife the she-parrot. He saw her, now parrot’s ex-wife, and thought he is seeing her for the last time.

Owl said in a friendly tone “ Now you would be thinking that’s too much to carry for a single bird like you. So don’t worry you both are going together. She was never my wife and I did this for a purpose to make you understand something. This was just that.” He-Parrot shrugged his head and said “ What the purpose? I couldn’t understand”.

Owl explained to the couple that when you came into our jungle you thought that it is so barren, so old, so lifeless just because owls live here. But my friends it’s not because the owls live here but it’s because we have no justice here. You saw yourself that how I won your wife even though she was not of my family. It was a self evident fact that she- parrot can never be a wife of an owl like me. But still I won the case and she was legally called my wife. In the last I would say that please convey my message to your countrymen that if you want to live happily and that your country may prosper then do ever justice. You will be never ruined”

Both the parrots thanked him and flew away.