This appeal is addressed to all the senior citizens of Shar Community, literate individuals, doctors, engineers, scholars, advocates, magistrates and to everyone who has influence over his community.

But before going to the heart of my appeal, I would like to take a brief historical context of our Shar Community. We know that our ancestors were brave men and belonged to Baluchistan territory. We are proud of their being honest to their commitment. They were people of moral character values. They were people who honored their own Ghairat and were the guardians of their fellow beings. They preferred death over disgrace. As unfortunately in domestic battle the all adult male persons were killed. However, our grand-grandmother rescued the remaining little boys and girls and some other women of her family and sought refuge in Mir’s kingdom in Sindh is also a well remembered incident of our mutual history.


It is now a worth-proud legacy that our forefathers had lived a life of vagabonds and were barbarian. The rise of Shar community is a living story of from rags to riches. As being a new coming family in the shadow of an old woman we have overcome all the obstacles which were instilled by both nature and the circumstances. So now the other community’s people know us as the most literate and well- to- do community in our region. The point which I want to make here is that we have the capability, capacity and strong will to overcome all the hindrances which may limit us from moving forward smoothly.

We have together surmounted material difficulties and now it is the time to face moral discrepancies. It is the undeniable fact that our neighbor casts are wary of our inaction over the number of incidents that have occurred in recent past. As we are in the majority number in our surroundings so the weight of responsibilities also lie upon us for being more responsible, answerable and co-operative towards other brother casts living with us.


Nowadays it has been seen that run-away lovers’ cases are occurring intermittently by our some passionate, irresponsible and immature young boys who are falling in love on mobile phones within and outside Shar

Communities. These love birds, escape from their parents and make marriages in courts without any information, discussion or suggestion with their both sides elders. This act of wrong doing is very dangerous to the peace and harmony of our whole Shar Society.

There is no way to return especially for the girls who took that step to run away with her lover. Soon after getting married the girl realizes that she has done a big wrong. She finds that life is not as good as she had fancied. And the lover for whom she risked her life is actually not what he had promised or pretended to be, because the magic of love is very temporary. I am the eye witness of many such unfortunate girls and women. I have personally interviewed someone, too. I assure you that none of the lady, who put her life at stake is happy with her runaway marriage life.

Those unfortunate ladies do want to go to their parent’s home and wish that they could be accepted by their family and community, but those run away girls now have no chance that they will ever see their father, mother or home village streets. They will never take any part in their parent’s happiness or sorrows. They will never meet their childhood friends and fellows again. All the windows and doors are closed up for them forever. So they are very much more worried about.

Therefore, we the sensible and responsible persons of Shar Community understand that it is the violation of basic human rights of these non sense and huge mistaken girls.   

The need of the hour is that we should communicate and educate our children and let them realize that their act is heinous and harmful and they have to suffer till they are alive. We have to be good with our neighbors because neighbors can never be replaced. We are living with our neighbors since centuries and will keep on living in future too.

It is an uphill task but if we take it seriously and don’t just make a joke of this challenge, I hope there is much to learn and act on it by strengthening each other and with mutual understanding. It is a bomb that is buried right underneath of each one of our home. Nobody is safe and secure and if we couldn’t overcome it then anybody can be the NEXT victim.

So please come on, sit together, join our heads and look into the serious matters.


Muhammad Moosa Mirwahi.


Mobile No.     0302-2604913 & 0315-5926057


May 5, 2014- Karachi


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