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Social Class Discrimination.

Yesterday, My wife’s uncle performed Aqeeqa of his son. It is ritual of sacrificing goats in the way of ALLAH, so that no harm may hurt the new born baby. Reportedly he sacrificed 04 goats in a row.

I am happy for that. May Allah fill everyone’s cradle with sweet children. There is no comparison of having a child with any worldly belonging a man can have.

But I think he does not like me, the person who is uncle of my wife. I had invited him for attending my marriage, he chose not to attend my marriage ceremony. Then He also did not show up to visit her nephew – my wife- after a day or two , as normally uncles and aunts use to do that, here in our part of country. Giving excuse that he is busy in running a campaign for Elections-2013 in favor of right wing party Pakistan Muslim League (N). I did not mind.

And when now he got his baby, he did not inform me, when he was performing Aqeeqa the above explained ritual. Still he did not inform me while we live so near to each other. So what does this show? Simply that He does not like me as I belong to lower lower class . I swear, he himself is not anything worthwhile for which he should be proud of. ┬áHe is jobless, but he has some piece of land from which he use to draw his money, has a home here, that too is due to his agricultural land property. And he has got a brother in Qatar – Middle East, who use to send him money on monthly basis to get his home going.

But what stops him to be good with me, I don’t know. Sincerely, I even don’t mind that he excludes me , ignores me as I am invisible to him.

Her mother called me instead of him , for inviting me to the party with my wife. But this is not acceptable in our society. If there was a goodwill at his side, he had to invite me in person. I am sure , there would be many , to whom he will be persuading in person , to get them attend his extravagant ceremony. But like others he also sees me with prejudiced eyes of social status, of which I am surely too mean.

Here, I am fully agreed with what communists use to say. There is nothing like brotherhood or relations on equal footing. Here we are divided among the ruling class and ruled class. Even a prosperous , wealthy real brother does not want to interact with his less fortunate brother. He even don’t want to know how is living let alone helping him to improve his life. Real liberty, real independence is still a dream. We were a colony of Britain’s then; and now we are treated same but now from our own peoples’ hands.

Our society thats too much driven by the societal status of a man leads to make people corrupt. There is no flying for spiritual heights here. When most of the people feel like I feel , then they become ready to do anything to get that false,miserable status by doing anything that it takes, to just become wealthy, to posses many valueable things to show how ‘Respectable’ they are.

But we should not devalue our values, should not give into the bad practices or anything like that. If we just could manage to be real humans and adhered ourselves to the true path. We will ever have God’s support with us who is what this whole universe contains.

I discussed my feelings with my wife, she said , for her my respect is more important than to join his uncle’s party. So she decided on her own to boycott them. Whereas, I allowed her fully liberty to decide for herself. Its really great that she decided in my favor.