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Corruption hurts the poor most. By definition corruption means ‘utterly broken’. There are many forms of corruption i.e, bribery, favoritism,nepotism etc.

Corruption is as old as the human being. From the ancient period to modern times it has remained among societies forever. It has its influence more over the societies that are less educated, less aware of their fundamental rights. It is such a disease that like Cancer it spreads all over the body and make it dysfunctional. Islam has also condemned the corrupt practices and according to its belief the receiver and giver of corrupt money is destined to go into hell.

Corruption makes impossible for any country to prosper in a longer run. It neither cares for the past nor looks for the future. It just enjoys the benefit for the present.

Awareness about corruption is to be inculcated in the coming generations, for example, it should be the part of our childrens’ syllabus, wherein they are taught about the demerits of corruption and to raise them morally and make their aware of their responsibility to cater corruption. Maybe when kids use to raise the issue in discussion with the parents, this may cause to think their parents about mending their ways, as nobody wants to be hated by their own kids. It will be a change.

Big corruptions use to flow from top to bottom. For reducing corruption rate , it is the Government that has to take some major steps. Their should be some more responsive legislation that can convict the guilty efficiently and faster. Their should be separate courts, I mean mini courts like Tribunals, who use to heart these cases on fast track basis. One or two examples can really send an effective message to the society about being reluctant to corruption or to face the consequences.

But only good legislation and punitive practices cannot be fruitful until you don’t fill that gap that corruption use to bridge. i.e Government needs to overhaul the pay structure, security and justness. Merit should be the order of the day. Specially care must be given to the poor section of society. Revival of trust and merit can really change the scenario of our society. When by merit, able person will hold the offices, and their will be no cover up or compulsion that is due to be given because one was already involved in corruption so he has to give back the favor. Honesty doesn’t care the fears or favors.

According to study of Alexandria University, their is a strong relationship between Culture and Corruption. A culture based on nepotism, favoritism gives birth to corruption. Corruption is considered as the fundamental part of their daily lives. For example, in our country, a person who is designated at a higher post, finds it absolutely right to give favor to his own son, in fact he thinks that he is helping his  son to get him hired at a good post, through exercising his influence. Though he will never charge his own son for getting him job. But it is a corruption in its own kind. However, it is felt good by the larger society the way his son was appointed.

Another major cause of corruption in our society is ‘Uncertainty’. Due to misgovernance and misappropriation of resources their is uncertainty about the present and future. Due to lack of accountability and justice, people feel extremely uncertain over the acquisition of their own rights. They don’t that the system alone can help me to get there where they want. From admission in university to getting job in government or private sector they need to have their own influence or interference to get the job done. Hence it proves that for having a minimum corruption you have to have a high uncertainty avoidance culture.

Distance between the Power between the ruling and public also determines that how much corrupt the country will be. Our country has mainly been ruled by the dictators on country level and by Waderas, Chaudhrys at the societal leve;. They both like to have a long distance between them and their public. This strategy deters the public for the ‘right to know’. In such a situation where people cannot ask about how their tax money is being spent. Whether the budget they allocate is rightly being used or its just in papers?. Absence of such scrutiny and pressure from the public side gives free hand to the rulers to do corruption as much as they want. To deter them for doing this, there are two pillars of the state who protect the rights of common man. One of them is Judiciary and the other is Media. Judiciary makes sure that the law is prevailing over all and being exercised on each citizen of the country and media use to highlight the loopholes, big corruption scandals and make the rules answerable to public at large. Media has power to change / make the opinion of the people in a certain way. So after the emergence of powerful media and free judiciary has given a hope that the corruption rate in Pakistan will decrease to its lowest in coming 10 years.

Its impact has already started to show. According to Transparency International survey , Pakistan has improved its overall image by 12 steps. Thats a remarkable improvement in just one year. The worst hit countries are Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria. However, Transparency International has also mentioned that there is no country in the world to which they can say that it is corruption free.

We have to make institutions powerful , independent of any pressure and interference. Such independence and ability to exercise the functions they are obliged to do will give a blow to corruption. When institution will stand on their own and won’t be depended on anyone’s instruction or interference, just then we can believe that merit will prevail over all the EVIL forces.

It also recommends that , literacy ratio by improved and people must be given their fundamental rights. This is a long term prospect, and time has come to kick start the process just now.