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My vague thoughts

Adversity is blessing in disguise

It is said that Adversity is blessing in disguise for it gives you an opportunity to have first hand experience of handling and combating difficulties. It makes you the real man. For all the legends who are there, are because of their proximity with adversity. These were the adversities that they overcome and filled our libraries with the autobiographies and lot of inspiration, they have left for us to be inspired.

A rich man who came in this world with having a silver spoon can never tell his stories worth listening. Whatever he achieves is prejudiced to have been through his material influence and overwhelming wealth that he used as a mean to reach his ‘goal’.

I love to be the part of this less privileged class ,that is in existence since the birth of this world. Because being poor, needy, keeps me motivated to learn , to acquire, to struggle, to remain in shape and in the know that there is a lot to do, which occupies me to the extent that I don’t have time / energy to waste myself in sinful activities or for being a source of discomfort to anyone.

But at the same time , I feel enraged for the injustice this world does. It has not provided the equal opportunities to everyone. Opportunities are scarce and limited and to fulfill one’s dream is almost impossible, notwithstanding what the motivators and intelligent men have to say.

Until we don’t have basic necessities fulfilled, how can we make a society that is pious, honorable and who can be said like brothers to each other. Where there is lot in inequality over distribution of wealth, how there can be peace? Where one’s children are being fed well, are warm and at the same place, leaving some streets,the others children are cold and hungry, how can this world then expect that there be a harmony, a universal brotherhood? Just How!

World has suffered at the hands of despotic leaders and have endeavored many struggles to lessen this difference. Many strategies have been expedited, but I don’t see any good effect of that on the common man. Even we got our sweet homeland in the name of Islam, but what happened, am I any better in my circumstances? Did my dear country has given me rights, safety, security, liberty or even has any plan for me? I don’t know!

Right after the partition of Idian Sub-Continent, my beloved country has fallen in the hands of powerfulls i.e. the influencers, Jagirdars, Politicians, Monopolists, Blackmailers, Rioters hand. Where is my share in it? I am living a life no one of you can even think to live. I have been completely denied from the basic necessities of the life. At least in this 21st century, I should have been awarded basic necessities, as I am living no better life than my ancestors lived.

Sadly, with the passage of time, these opportunities will shrink and shrink more towards the zero point. People at the top have lost humanity  and leadership skills. They are even more hungry and greedy than a common man is. By observing them, it feels like, that all the wealth of the money are going to disappear, and they are in hurry to accumulate it for themselves. Actually, this was thing which Islam negates. Islam came with the purpose to establish equality among people and thereby create a society that have a sound economic system by discouraging accumulation of wealth and resources. Followers remained, but Islam itself is just a symbol now.

In my own country,I am living like I am in some foreign country, of which I am not an ordinary citizen. I have to manage to pay all the direct and indirect taxes, have to look after myself and my family’s health on my own risk. There is so security to me in any way. They don’t mind if I get rich by odd means, and they still don’t if someone robs me. Where is the government, statesmanship?. Anything can happen to me and I don’t know what will happen next.

Suppression, that history says were done by the infidels upon us the Muslims, is now being done by my fellow believers. This is really more cutting than being mistreated by the non believers. I have just lost my mind by thinking this again and again.

Now the question is how to come over this and beat the cruel system of administration that has no loop hole for the less privileged person to come up and stand to their level. Its quite hard – really hard. But here is what ‘faith’ in God’s existence will help me. I have to believe that God can help me and is with me. And someday , He will listen to my prayers and I will overcome this insecurity and uncertainty that has engulfed me all over. Else, I have almost no hope left in the man. They can’t be so good to come ahead and share the grief, then can just see you dying, or suffering and can pronounce ‘oh’ I am sorry to know.