In Search of Destination – Short Story by Waqaroptimist

He stood up, hanged his bag on the shoulder and headed towards the exit door. He began to search door-lock keys in his jacket’s pockets. After searching all the pockets of his winter coat finally he got them in his front pocket of jeans. The moment he was about to lock the door, phone rang inside the house, He thought “Shit I was forgetting my phone at home well thank it ranged on time”. He opened the door again and crossed sofa reached to the dining table where phone was ringing and revolving around the table due to vibration. Before he could see who was calling message beeped in. It read as “ Will miss you and Good –Bye”. He felt like a current crossed from his whole body at once. He thought to reply back that “I will miss you too and that I will always remember you as my dear one and you will always remain in my heart” but without replying back he put his phone in his pocket.

A yellow cap taxi arrived and he waved his hand for stopping it. The driver looked like African and had dark face, aged about 40 years old.

Taxi Driver : “ where “

John : “Airport”

Taxi Driver: “Ten dollars – no less”

John : “ OK lets go ”

Taxi was floating on road on a constant speed and he saw trees crossing by in a fast rhythm. He had mixed feelings inside his heart. He was happy that he is going to united States for higher studies. He was sad that he is leaving his home behind. His mother who is old now and didn’t want him to go. One sister who was still minor to whom he loves a lot. All the friends with whom he had shared beautiful memories. A journey from childhood to being a young boy. And there the airport came.

Taxi Driver: “ Here we are young boy”

John : : Oh! Here is your money and thanks”

He rushed towards Airport with quick steps. He smiled and waved to the security guard who was standing on the main entrance. Security guard waved and smiled back and opened the door for him. He politely said thanks and moved on.

He put a glance over information board and saw that it is one hour remaing in his flight. He sat at the nearby bench in waiting room and began to look around. Airport was full of people , some coming some going and some waiting like him. On his left was a table and on which he saw Time Magzine and Barrack Obama’s picture on it. He leaned forward and took it. He randomly checked the newspaper and began to read article written by ” Zakir Hussain” and someone interrupted by saying Hello.

Girl “Hi”

John “Hello”

Girl ” Can I sit ?” she said smingly

John ” why not” he said and moved to the corner of the bench

Girl ” Its my first air flight”

John ” By the way where are you going”

Girl ” To New Jersey – to see my mother”

John ” Great!”

And for a while both didnt talk and announcement echoed the airport- “Attention passangers ! Flight No. AJ-271 is ready for New Jersy, Please come in departure lounge” . John gathered his belongings and said with a smile ” Here it is” and they headed towards the aeroplane. John thought it was another casual meeting and like many faces he saw come and go it was same incidents. People meet for a whle and then disappear for never meeting again.

To be continued!


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