Conversation with Myself


I am really happy these days because I don’t have time to look at my sorrow or lackings. 🙂 

Have got some extra time to prepare for my Provincial Competitive Examination – Provincial Superior Services Job. Please note that its my final chance to be recruited by Government as the maximum age for applying for Government Jobs is 28. 

I have bought many books and as much as I read them I feel its just that I was made for. I love reading books, memorizing things and be in the know of all the world around me. 

Yesterday I was reserved for making house in order, paying debts, purchasing some books, and everything. Electricity is also a limiting factor as there is no certainty that I will be able to read in night or not. But don’t worry I have emergency light that is fully charge and remains all the time. 

I have been off to facebook since two months now, because it is officially forbidden and at home I don’t have internet connection. I have some friends to whom I desperately want to talk and I don’t know whether they keep some feelings for me or not. Virtually I am dead!. 

Just once that I passed the examination, I will have everything back which I lost amid trying times and less budget. INSHALLAH. 




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