My 100th Post – Dedicated to Self Appraisal.

It has been four months now that I am trying this ‘Blogging’ thing. Adapting to it was not a pre-planned activity to me but actually it was the result of my google search. I liked the idea to post things which interests me and to reach to the people who are of same personality traits as mine. 

At first , I had problems as to what to write? Because Whenever I used to make my mind for writing something for my post, words just disappeared from my head and fingers stopped on keyboard moving like a piano. 

I found it as a lonely place, everybody is writing and nobody is reading. If you graciously comment on someones blog they are like very happy that somebody commented or gave a like.

I have took a tour of many bloggers blog and have come to the conclusion that there is no such big success in their pocket yet. There is something that is there to stop them, Google doesn’t appreciate your work that much and is ignoring all the hard work bloggers are doing. Strangely enough, a post that was written in 2010 leads the place while at the same time, somebody who produced good stuff about the same topic is placed very far far far far way on google pages. Poor Luck! 

Then there is lot of limitation imposed by WordPress, like you cant have a banner of Amazon or any advertising agency that came yield you some money for the work you are doing. Its just a good e-journal that you are maintaining for your own good to record what’s going on in your life. 

Well like Edison said , I am not a failure but I learned 1000 ways that don’t work. Same is my story. But I have not lost hope, I am confident about myself and I will keep blogging, at least it opens up my mind and I am getting better at expressing myself with appreciating all the lackness I own. 









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