Luxury Tax – Property Tax

Yesterday, In our national Daily newspaper ‘Dawn’ an article was published about Luxury Tax. This is a new tax being levied first time in Pakistan as ‘Property Tax’. 

There are different bands depending on the size of the bungalow starting from Rs. 100,000. The journalist has given his remarks in negative by producing the argument that most of the people who live in these big houses / bungalows are living out of necessity not luxury, hence they are not rich but poor. What a joke ! How come a poor can afford 2000 yards bungalow in a posh area where price of a flat plot starts from Rs. 10,000,000. 

His argument reminds of the joke : A rich girl was asked to write an essay about her poor maid. She rights : Our maid is a very poor woman, she has a very poorly made bungalow, they have broken cars on which she picks and drops her two children. Air Conditioners installed in their rooms don’t work properly. 

If they are that poor that they cant afford to pay tax then they should sell them out and should taste to live in backward areas where there is no security , no light , no water, no good schooling. Don’t live up there if you cant afford! But no tax evasion please. !


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