The Reasons We Are Demotivated.

Every human being borns with a pure soul. He is neither a Christian nor a Muslim. Whether a son of a PhD or a beggar all born with same qualities and abilities. The difference is only of the environment and circumstance in which they are brought up.

Naturally, I believe, we all have faith in positivity and doing good in our lives. Everyone of us want to be prosperous and to give out best for our future coming generations. But its again suppression or coerciveness of circumstances which urge a person to become something our society hates or law wants to deter.

When the stronger usurp the weaker right, and a minority exploits the majority for their own good, unrest is natural to develop in the disadvantaged class.

There is one guy ‘Rajesh’ who works as a janitor in our office. When he had joined us two years back , I knew him as a person who is full of positivity and who loves to share the work and responsibility even if it is out of his job description.

Rajesh shouldn’t be a janitor, he knows photography and wanted to join it as profession, but due to lack of resources and family obligations and being a member of Hindu minority, he had no option but to choose this profession and become a janitor.

But as the time passed by; I began to observe that he is no more motivated, he doesn’t find happiness to be here on work. Few days ago, when he came in my room, I thought to have a detailed convo with him. He told me that reason of his de-motivation is that his work is not being appreciated, people don’t see him as an individual but just a ‘janitor’. He works hard but no one is there to acknowledge him but are ever ready to blame and mortify him either in public or private.

Interestingly, we all have same complain from the class who is one step up, but we use to do same with the people who are lower than us in status.

If we consciously contemplate to behave in a courteous manner with the people who are less dignified than us and treat them gently, then one day there will be no person who will feel disheart or frustrated for not being honored or respected.

Dont give anyone some money or privilege but at least give them respect.


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