Think Big

Once a teacher thought to give a lifelong lesson to his students for becoming successful in their lives. So as soon as he entered the class, he said there is no class today , all you have to do is to accept my challenge and solve the simple question which I am going to throw it you.

All the students felt happy and excited that they have gotten rid of bore subject and meanwhile they have something interesting to work on.

Teacher simply drawn a line on the black board and asked “if any of you can make it short without touching it”


All the class went in silence, intelligent, mediocres, backbenchers were equally agreed that its not possible to make this line short without touching it.

One student said, how its possible that we can make it short by not rubbing it, its not possible.


After seeing this , teacher made an other line (as shown above) , parallel to it but it was bigger than the later one. All the students saw that it was possible to short the line by drawing a bigger line than this; without touching it.

Teacher explained:

It is in the nature of human being to compare himself to others and then he wants to compete them. In order to supersede the other individual it is necessary to surpass him. And this leads us to bring that person down by any mean possible, hence we exert all our energy in negative things which dont let us go big. We should never try to stop anyones way of success.

The best way of being successful and attaining a high regard is to focus yourself and try hard to make yourself perfect and do hard work without touching or interfering or letting down the other person you want to defeat. Remember greatest minds act in silence”.

Hope you liked the story and my illustration and would have learnt a lesson. 🙂


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