Thank You For the Opportunity.

Life is no easy thing. It has lot of complications in it; some exterior some interior. Sometimes its just in our mind having no physical existence, our fears, doubts, misunderstandings etc etc. Some are imposed from the external source, like being borned in a marginalised family, alcoholic father, any natural disability, any tragic accident etc etc. Poor government policies, inequality that widens the gap between rich and the poor. Deprivation of the basic needs necessary for ‘Sustainability’ etc.

I have been in want of a way for myself. My first step in practical life was backing my family rather than to accomplishing professional competence or career growth. However, Luckily I kept myself near to learning zone, I kept learning new things, endured some, and some I found lately aren’t of my type. But the process of learning never ended.

Age factor also dictates what to do and how much far can I go. How much risk I can take and how much adventurism is affordable.

But between all this that happened to me throughout my life, I intentionally exposed myself to the brighter sides of adversity. I thought its better to fool myself for a better opportunity coming rather than killing myself for the fear of being ‘deprived’ or marginalised. I also give credit to my dear freinds and family that kept believing me and helped wherever I fell short.

I have enjoyed everything one can imagine to. I use fast computers, luxurious cars, a healthy corporate culture, acquaintance and a direct link with the world. Have operated latest iPhones and Blackberries, have gone through visa processing for countries like Sweden, Canada, Germany and Dubai. Have friends around the globe and knowledge to survive.

I have not been given these things directly in my control but have been blessed with facilities to enjoy it on other behalfs. So why to be sad. I have a loving wife, who feels like very own and there is no work in progress regarding understanding each other. In short I don’t have anything on my name but are readily available if requirement arises.

Last month I was trying to equip new skills. Intention was not to grab more money but to enlarge my personal scope. In that instance, I also approached some Computer Technology Institute. But they were charging me a huge sum of money for learning short course like Android applications. I dropped the idea till a better tomorrow. But may be God took notice of it and the call came.

My friend whose brother owns a Software development house, asked me to join for my sole learning purpose and all for freeee! I would have direct access to many of departments like development, marketing, what a exposure!.

I will try my best to cash this opportunity and to be meaningful individual in any capacity I may fit in. Along with this, I am also preparing for appearing in Government competitive examination, all that can I do is to work hard and leave to God.



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