The pain of being blocked

After the advent of Social Media and social sites, we are having another world to live in. One that is the real world where we make friends physically and the other addition is of social networking.

There is a hair line difference between the real world friendship and the cyber world friendship . One thing that discriminates is of ‘approach’ or access. It is possible that you never meet in person. But this defect cannot outcast that you don’t feel hurt or cheated or sad for the person you were befriended on the internet.

I am passing through this pain, my one dear friend ( I won’t explicitly tell its gender) have recently closed down h** twitter account and then closed or just blocked me. I feel that it was my obligation on that person that before doing this I be informed for this. For we have passed a good length of time together and this action could lead me to different questions.

So far I don’t have a slightest idea that what circumstances lead my friend to take such harsh step, however possibilities can be as follows.

  1. My friend doesnt like me
  2. My friend has deactivated social networking accounts
  3. My friend has reached to higher level where its necessary that friends caliber be changed.
  4. My friend is passing through some emotional distress
  5. My friend thinks that its waste of time to be there

Anyways, I wish that friend be happy and have a good life. I will always miss that I had a friend who blocked me for unexplained reasons.


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