Certified Manslaughter Place!

I was in office on last thursday that my phone rang “Home” calling. I knew my wife is calling as she was having some body pain. At the other end, I heard my sister’s voice telling me that my wife is having a high fever and body pain. She had a womanly infection in ovary, and I rightly predicted that the fever is because of the infection thats getting stronger.

I hadn’t money so I asked a colleague to borrow me some Rs. 2000 or $200 to convert in USD. Thanks to the Boss who immediately relieved me from my job and offered if he can assist me in anything which I need {money}. I said no thanks and shutted down the PC and reached home.

When I reached home I found her sleeping, I touched her forehead and got a feeling like she has a temperature hundred and three. I asked her and my mom to get ready to visit a clinic in Gulshan-e-Hadeed some 10 kilometers away of my home.

While they were getting ready I jotted down all the medicines she was taking at the one side of the paper and all the symptoms on the other side of the page so that we dont miss a point. I attached all the lab reports like blood tests and ultrasounds to give a doctor clear picture of what the patient is going through.

As we reached the clinic, luckily we were the first to visit her. Before that we had to pay Rs. 300 to see the lady doctor. I showed all the reports to that lady doctor and discussed the history of illness. To my great surprise, she insisted on taking Malaria and Typhoid tests. Even I-The-Lay-Man could guess that it isn’t Malaria or Typhoid, it was just the infection that was triggering fever, an alarm that something is going wrong in the body.

Half the money I had, spent in tests that were of no use. Both the reports came in ‘Negative’. Then she suggested ‘Sugar Test’ that was normal too. I was feeling outrageous and felt that there were some commercial motives behind these medical tests i.e to increase the revenue and to claim ‘commission’ that doctors are awarded on sending patients to medical test laboratories.

And when she came to the point that the patient is having ovary infection as it was clearly evident from the ultrasound report which I was having already, she prescribed medicine with relatively higher dose. Very interestingly, that prescription letter was not handed over to me but to the nurse who directly handed over that letter to the pharmacist to order that medicine. {IT IS MUST THAT YOU BUY MEDICINE FROM OUR STORE}.

On the basis of money which I have left, pharmacist said that only three days medicine can be purchased. I felt sad that hadn’t that medical tests weren’t been taking, I could buy all the medicines. I settled to buy three days medicines and again have to borrow some money to get the rest 07 days medicines.

Doctors are a kind of messiah and they should act in the best interests of the patients. But their consciences has already died that they just want to double the revenue without caring the financial condition of the patient. Medical reports are necessary to obtain but only in the condition when they have to see the inner changes and if the patient has prolonged disease. If they can’t diagnose on the basis of clear symptoms then how are they doctors? because even I can tell after seeing the reports what’s and where its wrong.

There should be regulatory authority who use to govern these clinics, and there should be yearly audits of them and most of the doctors should work under government’s control rather than having their own private clinics.

Doctors should also respect the oath that they use to take on the time of completing their studies that they will in every condition,  safeguard their patients and they will be the guardians of ‘humanity’ over all commercial motives.


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