I Failed At Getting Paid For Sex

Very Sad Story

Thought Catalog

I had 99 problems and my Sallie Mae student loan balance was one. Two years out of law school and dealing with my own unanticipated legal expenses from a DUI arrest, I was faced with unpalatable prospect of asking my parents for money for my attorney, or the truly unthinkable — having to make actual changes to my lifestyle and spending habits — I decided to start thinking outside the box. More accurately, with my box. The information super-highway led me to exactly what I was looking for: SeekingArrangement.com. God bless America.

One night, I had a fairly routine hotel tryst with a sales-executive “Charles.” Everything about the encounter was uneventful. Like most of my dates, when an amount wasn’t explicitly presented, I was wary of bringing up a specific “allowance.” I never did quite shake those nagging, if far-fetched “FBI sting operation” fears. So, I endeavored to always stay…

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