Rich Getting Richer Poor Getting Fucked.

Yeah I am frustrated for all of us. And there are so many reasons for that. I see my future as bleak and the future time is bringing a tsunami in my life. Thats not me only but there are majority of the world. As wealth is going in the bank account of few who will rule you all of us. Few rich people are using us for making them more rich while we are hardly capable to run our house. It is surprising how in the same society there is big income gap. Some are riding luxurious cars and SUVs and some are dreaming to have a full dinner. Why such imbalance.

There is no such thing like equal opportunity in this whole world. I find bearers everywhere, everywhere you will find the place is pre-occupied or is set reserved for the already richer person, who has acquired it through a reference or with the power of money.

I believe there is no such race, there is no superiority in belonging to any country. Thats the money that demarcates or shows what you are. There are just two class rich and poor. If you are poor and you have a rich brother, then he is as stranger as anyone can be. He wont try to bring ease in your life, he wont support you and will always think that you are paying him a visit just for borrowing some money. Instead , your own brother will prefer someone other who is a filthy rich and will invite him to the parties and will also try to knot relationship with him by ignoring you, my dear.

This world just belongs to ‘Rich’ people. They can earn and get the profit back just by investing and hiring you. And while for a poor person its damn hard to compete in any walk of life. For the rich has power to get the specialists from any kind just at the strength of money.

How surprising and heart wrenching is this that about 85% of the who world population is earning less than $200. What the Fuc**. And there are just 1% who are occupying the cream portion of the total wealth of the world.

So you may say that is what we are destined for. I think NOT. God has insisted that be guardian and do justice with respect to sharing the natural resources. In true Islam there is no concept of making ‘Property’. All citizens of the Islamic Society have to be given equal property, if the Governor is owning a house of 200 Square feet than the poorest have also to be given the same house. This was the true revolution that Islam intended to bring but its followers never made it a reality.

The current upheavals, terrorism, anarchy, hatred, victimization, insecurity is the result of injustice that’s being done. Else who will like to endanger their lives for nothing. If someone is out there to rob you in the dark street its just because he is not able to earn by lawful means. We are all quick to condemn the wrong but also take a moment and think what circumstance coerced a criminal to be so.

Money will keep attracting more money and poor will become more poorer in the capitalist system and we will suffer and die just as our ancestors did. No change foreseen.

Very SAD.!

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