Search Engine Optimization

The phrase Search Engine Optimization probably came into use in the year 1997. Firstly used by John Audette and his company Multimedia Marketing group.

At that time webmasters had to submit the address of their page, say URL, to different search engines. Then those search engines used to send ‘spiders’ and ‘crawlers’ to visit their websites, store data on their own server. This practice was aimed to get the relevant website on screen of the user when they searched something.

Back in 1990s search engines were depended on web masters provided information such as key words , meta tags. Meta tags are to guide each pages content.

In 1997 search engines realised that webmaster or web owners are keen to get page ranking and for serving this purpose they are manipulating the page rank. i.e. by giving excessive or irrelevant keywords. The then search engines like Altavista and Infoseek equipped themselves to cater such malpractice.

However, now the search engine optimization is equipped with advance technology and its quite hard to get the page rank by malicious techniques. As todays crawlers and spiders are clever enough to sense the duplicated content and they use to penalise such websites by downgrading their page ranking.

It is important that no such attempt be made to copy other websites data and to produce fresh content in order to be given respect by the Search engines.

There are three types of queries which are often looked into by users.

  1. Information Queries. People want to know about something.
  2. Navigational Queries. People want to search a specific page on the web
  3. Transactional Queries. People use this for purchasing online.

Before starting your blog, website, decide what type of your work will be and then focus on your task. There are many tools out there from which you can estimate the traffic you can bring on your page. One best tool is Google Adwords. For crawling information you can use the website It will give you ample information about your page ranking but before this you will have to index your websites on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. After you have indexed your website to these search engines, crawlers and spiders will visit your website and they will store information and subsequently they will give you ‘page rank’.

Getting Prominence. 

There are number of method which can increase your prominence at different search engines. Cross linking between pages of the same website to provide more links to most imporant pages may improve your pages visibility.

Writing about the subject that is frequently searched in search engines i.e how to apply for elone? How to prepare for interview, for example.

Updating your content on daily basis will also let the search engine robots and crawlers to visit your site. This will also help you to get good ranking.

Always give attention to give relevant keywords to your web page’s meta data comprising the title tag and meta description. this will enable and enhance your website credibility and will give your site prominent place at search engines.

Money Talks Loud!

If you have heavily invested in marketing. And you are getting a lot of people to your site through paid means then you wont be waiting for SEO to rank your page so that you can come at top of the search engine results. Myths that you should have a attractive domain name, whether its short or long doesn’t matter if you are popular. There are many websites who just launched just few days before but have succeed to come at top. Money makes the mayor go! If you don’t have much money for advertisement then it will take about 6 to 12 months for getting the desired output.

Keep doing your work and don’t get disappointed at an early stage. Give time time!.


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