From Love , Lust to Breakup!

Falling in love is magical. We all human have built-in tendency to fall in love. But the question is why do we fall in love? And the answer is we want to be effective. Effective being at relationships requires that we do love. Love is the way in which we use to drag a person from sky to our lap.


Be Intelligent and Kind!  I think most of us believe we need to be beautiful or attractive so that someone love us but thats not true. The most needed components for letting anybody love you are  ‘Intelligence‘ and ‘Kindness’. It has been observed in many surveys that attractive peoples are more prone to breakups and the most common reason is that he/she has more chances for making relationships with others and have always welcoming arms waiting for them. Beauty kills!! 🙂


Chemical Changes when we fall in love When we are in love our dopamine and serotonin level increases that causes loss of appetite. There is one more element called ‘oxytocin’ or in simple english ‘Hormone of Love’. When this hormone gets activated in our brain we start to feel that we are caught in love- fire and this whole world seems magical, musical and amicable.


Lust is another thing: Lust is another thing. In lust testosterone level uses to be at higher side all the time in both male and female. This change urges both male and female to come closer and closer and closer..


How we choose our lover? In our sub-consciousness we all have a checklist or criteria to select our lover. For example, my lover should have xyz type body structure, blue eyes, or she should be blond, her lips will be like Angelina Jolie :D. And on the contrary girls can idealise tom cruise or me for selecting their lover.

English: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the C...
English: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever their sub-consciously selected criteria matches in reality, they fall in love. Probably thats why we know the term ‘ Love in First Sight’. Those people who have a criteria predominantly based on physical attractions fall easily on first sight. But those who have some other criteria like the girl he will fall in love would be highly educated, mannered, of his religion. They will take time in falling in love.


Breakups  People also use to suffer if they lost their love, in shape of breakup or death. They think that his/her partner was the only person in the world who used to comply his/her criteria. But thats not true as well, there are many people in this huge populated world who can have such qualities your ex had. Take a breath and start the journey again. Its far better to be optimist than to feel depressed or deprived.


Love- Man Vs Woman Man and woman use to take ‘Love’ Differently, for man love is not that complicated as compare to woman. Woman use to think at more facets like she can compromise with a man’s being less attractive if he has a full wallet. Because woman needs security and surety that she is going to gift herself to the person who can easily bear her burden and can take care of their children.


Your Experience/ Opinion? Have you ever been in love? Lets know how was your experience.


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