How to become a successful Blogger?

Its been a month now that I am pretending ‘I am a blogger’. For the satisfaction of my new self- discovery I am trying everyday to put some weird, decent,honest thoughts decorated in words over here.

But thats not enough, so I am spying over other bloggers blogs and reading them carefully, each blog I visit has something to teach me. Whether pitch of their blog, their values,their problems, etc hence the time I spent on my fellow bloggers is never a ‘waste’.

Bloggers put alot of effort in writing a best blog which might attract many followers but the other bloggers are not good enough to give a applause. I have observed that many bloggers do read your stuff but they do not push Like button, just because they don’t want you to feel happy? πŸ˜€ pardon me if I am wrong…

I have no such issue with this because I am writing for myself and you too have to think this way. Just keep writing , be honest and give some inspiration to your readers. You will definitely build a cloud of followers.

Please pledge with yourself that you will daily observe, observation is the key. Look around yourself and you will certainly find something worthwhile to write. ‘Fresh content’ being published daily is the way to keep your blog alive and this freshness will also keep your followers happy and informed.

Being focused with your niche is alright, but you can expand your view as well as of your followers by attempting to write on different topics; ranging from entertainment to scientific stuff like new inventions, any interesting survey, any current affair news etc.

Also the search engines love to visit your site / blog if you update your blog on continuous basis, because they prefer fresh content against the old content already available on internet. So the chances are bright that your work will come on the google than the others. And its a race to come on top at Β search engines for having more visibility. Like in property it is said ‘Location, Location, Location‘, same rule applies here. On internet you have to be at the top of Google or other search engines.

Blog of the day once again
Blog of the day once again (Photo credit: the Italian voice)
English: The three biggest web search engines
English: The three biggest web search engines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And also be generous to read others blog, encourage them or give your suggestions for improvement. Reading new books is also a source of knowledge and then to transform it in your own thoughts, this will enable you to produce good stuff for your blog and by this way you will also help your bloggers fellows to read content that is not available for free. Go find a book of your interest.

Time to time check your previous posts and read them again, make some necessary changes because each day you are improving and you will find something to add in your posts. This way you are keeping your blog fresh and error free. Even a title change can work for you.

Also try to reach out to your friends and ask them to read your blog. For the purpose you have to set your setting by activating ‘ Publicize’ option.


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