Are you Sadistic personality ?

While laying down on bed I pondered over my personality to know exactly what am I . Am I a jolly personality or a sadistic? Then I googled this topic to know who are sadistic  and have came to know that Sadistic is:

  1. Humiliator– He loves to humiliate people in public or private.
  2. Harsh Behaviour– He use to treat his sub-ordinates, kids, spouse harshly to discipline them.
  3. Love to see people in trouble– He wants to see other people in trouble so that they can feel extremely great.
  4. Scary– They use to scare people for getting their job done. If he is your boss, he will often intimidate you for getting fired.
  5. Controller– He will control you, will limit your autonomy. You cannot do anything except his permission.
  6. Brutal– He loves weapons, fighting, torture scenes

Thanks God, I have no such characteristic in me.Relieved!! But its necessary to self assess yourself. Look into you and think how you are, how people would be judging you and take appropriate actions to correct your behaviour.

English: Deicide, Vital Remains, Sadistic Inte...
English: Deicide, Vital Remains, Sadistic Intent at Galaxy Theater 4/5/06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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