How much do you earn??

Serious Money
Serious Money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I paid a visit to my hometown that is a rural area some 400 kilometers from the metropolitan city ‘Karachi‘.

It was nice to see my paternal and maternal relatives and to meet them is really a joy. You feel a strange feeling when you see them after a long long time. I was really moved with the hospitality with which they served me. Everyone wanted me to visit his/her home and to have a party with them. But due to time constraint I was not able to confirm my availability with anyone who was inviting me.

LIfestyle and their living standard has significantly changed during these 10 years since I left my hometown due to joblessness and poor income. Land prices have escalated to five zeroes and almost every body has a bike to ride on. Many of my class fellows has studied higher educations , have become doctors , engineers and entrepreneurs. And honestly I felt really happy for them.

One question that embarrassed me during my visit and to my surprise that was so consistent “How much do you earn”? Every body was concerned or wanted to know that how much do I earn? Why were they asking such question , were they analysing how much successful I am with respect to earning money? Is that only measurement tool to assess once successful career or worth?

It is possible that a person is not earning that much but he may be happy with what he/she is doing. Earning money and working hard for it is not a bad thing but it cannot be the measurement of success. However I was honest in telling the exact figure I am earning each month because I hate manipulating my earning capacity.

Many of them upon knowing the figure felt sorry for me 😀 and said try something other, change your field or enhance your marketability.

I believe that its only in God’s hands that how much you earn , he has pre-settled account for me, but there is no doubt in that I can work hard and He then increases it. God always does not pay in ‘Cash’ form. He can revert it you in form of health, happy family, good health and in shape of his blessings.

It also depends on what is the source of money? If you are earning by corruption or usurping anyones right, then surely you are in loss. And God is all seeing.

I am much happy with the earning I am able to produce with the conditions I am living in. Thats the best place for me.


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