Lesson From Egypt’s Current Upheavel

English: Seal of the President of Egypt, used ...
English: Seal of the President of Egypt, used from 1958 to 1972. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The elected President Mohammad Morsi is no more in office now, Egypt’s Army has taken control of the presidency and has appointed Mr. Mansour who is the top judge of Egypt’s Constitutional court as the Interim head of the State.

Mr. Morsi was the first elected president of Egypt who came into power after referendum held in Year 2012. Hopes were quite high that the economic condition will improve and a smooth democracy transition will enable institutions to work better and time to time elections will enable the Egypt’s political infrastructure to get strength and period to period cleansing will transform Egypt in a modern state. After all,Revolutions are often fought for this purpose.!!

But as soon as Morsi came into power , he seemed to be distracted from the task he was expected to expedite. To bring back the country of economic stability and to cater the concerns of the youth of Egypt. To hand them jobs, better opportunities and establish the writ of the government.

Morsi’s attention primarily remained focused on getting the most of the authority and was trying to get all the amendment powers with no review and opposition to his actions. Basically it is the beauty of the Democracy that its parliamentarians and the public at large enjoys the right to oppose what they see wrong and to have their say heard.

Such amendment created disturbance in the public and they started to show their anger in streets. Attempts to press their voice resulted in even more protests and noise against Mr. Morsi and its government.

Although there are people who supports Mr. Morsi for his actions and believe fully in his rule. Where there we saw the protest rallies at the same place there were people who were supporting him.

If Mr. Morsi had paid full attentions to improve his country’s financial conditions and had taken steps that could bring change in the country at grass root level, he could have gained trust of the public. Change is the thing that must be felt by the people , it shouldn’t be just in papers and in constitutional amendments.

However, I don’t think that removal of the president is an appreciable stance, after all, he was elected president and he deserved to be provided ample time and everybody should had waited for the completion of his tenure. Democracy is the best revenge. People could reject him through ballot paper.

Future of any country or any body is always uncertain as to what it holds, but current situation is really adverse of its economy. For economy to steep on consistent basis, there should be stability at the top. Time to time changing in head of states really create disturbance among investors as they are unable to predict the behaviour of the upcoming government. So it is really important that one must plan a policy and there be assurance that they will remain in action for the reasonable span of time.

Hope that the current interim setup will act promptly for holding the next elections and the government that will come in power will safeguard the interests of the public and such unwanted occasion won’t be seen again.

Remember!! Answer to the bad democracy is more democracy!


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