Embracing and bringing change

DigitalDay Cleveland Web Design
DigitalDay Cleveland Web Design (Photo credit: Mark Vitullo)

Hello everyone!

After a lot of thought process and finding my niche I have resolved that I must consider to change my career preferences and to move on for a goal that I really want to achieve.

I feel the passion factor has just disappeared from my life, and that I am not living a life I would love to. Same boring routine and remaining idle is not that suits my body and mind.

I want to start over again with zealous conviction and determination to learn and adapt a better strategy for leading my life in a more appropriate way.

I have tried to change my career in the past too but sadly I chose the wrong one. I thought that ‘Accounting field’ would be better for me so I took admission in ACCA- UK an international accountancy body having central head office in Glasgow- UK.

I poured a lot of money in shape of annual subscription fees, exam fees, tuition fees, daily bus fare, my precious time—  but it didn’t turn out to be compatible to me. I was not good at understanding its concepts and I never could pass more papers than 4. There were 14 in total. But all in vain!!! ??? . But may be not, I still have got a diploma certificate in Accounting and I have basic knowledge about Management Accounting, Financial Accounting and Corporate Business Law the UK variant.

And now that all I want to do is to learn Web designing. Because I have been connected to this field for about a decade now, I think I will be more comfortable with learning web designing and it will be a better change.

I have to learn the fundamentals of web designing, about all the technical jorgans, i.e. meta tags, inbound links, outgoing links, hyperlinking, SEO, etc etc.

I have taken admission in APTECH centre and the course duration is of 02 months. I have a fair idea that during this course I will only get an idea about operating different softwares like HTML, CSS but then it all depends on my practice. The more I will practice the more my hand will get good at.

Another benefit will be of having a human mentor. I will be able to call him/her for assistance in connection of any hurdle or problem that I will face in the process of making my own website.

I also need to get another job and skill to move out from here, because like a product life cycle I have completed my life here. I need to learn something and equip myself with the skill that can lead me to another market for a getting a job and a change.


Timing is also suitable for me to opt this option as the Holy month of Ramdan is about to arrive. In this holly month I would be able to return home around 7:00 pm just before the Iftari. Institute is 45 kms away of home 😦

In routine I will be back at home around 11 pm in night. Quite a hectic schedule it will be because I will be going to institute directly from office and its never an easy task.

But I have to take stern actions to bring some change in my life and it comes with an exchange of leisure with pain.

As the course is expensive one, I will need about Rs.20,000 or $200 to get the admission. I have a very close friend to whom I will approach for giving me this money that I will return him in some months’ time. Like ever, I hope he will not disappoint me 🙂

After equipping myself with web design skills, I will go for making my own website hence offering people some skills that I will gain for free. I will make a strong platform for the people who want to embrace change and will try to motivate them to accept the realities and go for the change they really can bring into their lives.

Intentions are good so far, rest is in God’s hands.

Take Care!!!


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