Love in 21st Century

English: Painting of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai ...
English: Painting of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been reading some verses by Sufi Saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and thought to share it with you all. Though the original text is in Sindhi, for your convenience translation is below.

“Sooner or later my going is to Him
To my Dear Dreaded One;
So let not be lost this labour of love
O Ye Lord of labourers alone;
Unto me this favour be done,
That in life I meet my love!”

In aforementioned stanza the character ‘Sassi‘ who is in love with ‘Punhoo’ is praying to God for reuniting him with his lover, and her dedication to find him is clearly visible. There is a thirst in her soul and there is nothing insight of her except that she wants to be with his lover.

Love in 21 century really lacks this aspect which dilutes the true essence of love. Nowadays there are not such hardships for lovers as the modern technology have evaded the gaps, distance and all that had put the lovers of history at utmost misery and anxiety.

Advent of latest technological features just as whatsapp,viber,facebook,twitter,yahoo messenger and more such social connecting websites have almost vanished the ‘thirst’ factor of lovers living in this century.

Nowadays relationship doesn’t live longer, we see this in shape of high divorce rates, misunderstandings, depression, distrust etc. In contrast in the history people had more trust, connectivity even if they didn’t were in touch that frequent that we are now today.

Materialism has also its involvement in todays short living romantic phases as the whole life needs have shifted against ‘money’. In today’s urban world you have to pay for everything, from utility bills, to rent a house, for food, for your cell phone card, your laptop applications. This shift is caused all to go and being busy to earn for it, hence we have lesser time and options to be connected to spirituality.

Another aspect could be of moral values. Down in the history we see lovers were really honest with each other, even they faced and ultimately charged death, but nowadays I couldnt notice a single case where lovers are they die hard.

Most of the time love is being used as a legal cover to satisfy sexual need. Women are generally more concerned with the relationship they tie in, but I would slightly blame men for they have a greater bargain power, resources and position from which they use woman as a sexual tool.

Our todays Media is also responsible for hollowing our spirits, naked girls being shown on tv, live kissing, french kisses , hugs. these things have been so common and viral that it does not seem awkward now. It has a lot of attractions for the teen agers and just for the sake of trying it themselves they end up ruining their lives and there is nothing left to do then just to regret for it.

“Seeing that Mount soaring so high
Slacken steps O must you why?
Pull yourself through passes, says Latif
Follow the hosts who went where-by;
Trace ye out the Transcendent Flame
Ask of others, where would IT fly;
And of Him, the All-potent Lord
Never from heart, the hope ye deny;
One Who’s close to the eye
O say not HE’s far from sight.”




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