Today its Shab-e-barat here, one of the most sacred night in Islamic Calendar. On this night we use to pray for blessings and forgiveness by our Almighty Allah.

But one sad aspect of todays night is that people use to ‘patakhe’ hence there is alot of noise out there. However, no such thing was done in our Holy Prophet’s time. This night should be celebrated with quite peace and only thing that should be done is to pray and just pray.

People also use to visit graves of their dear ones tonight. We go there to shower a bit water and place flowers over their graves. This practice is done to remember them on this sacred night and to pray in their favour.

Today is the record keeping date as per Islamic belief. Whatever we did in the past year is locked and the new register will open. However, we can ask for forgiveness, and Allah is the opt forbearer and most merciful.

I wish all my brother and sisters Happy Shab-e-barat!


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