A chat with the wife.

After coming from the office, I found my wife welcoming me home. She use to make tea for me and get my office keys and my identity card out of my pocket. She put hand in my pocket and get all the stuff out and put it in the rack. This routine breaks when I or she is angry on something. 

And while I leave home, I use to kiss her on her forehead and tell her that I love you, this really gives me good feeling , a good way to start a day. And at the same time, it gives me feeling that I am an honest husband who loves to her wife, intentionally. 

We were discussing our future yesternight, and put an honest glimpse over the reality. We found that we haven’t enough resources to get our future coming child ( INSHALLAH). I said that I would like our baby to get high class education and to become something I couldn’t , she said this needs a lot of money over which I said, I will curtail my wishes and will save for his / future. 

While we were discussing all this , I became sad and it was quite appearing on my face. She then started to change the topic and said she wants to carry on her education and tried to engage me in discussion whether which field she should opt. I was understanding why she is doing this, I was loving her more. I respect her for her concern. But I don’t want her to do a job and to face hardship that is always their for working women. 

I even haven’t bought her clothes and she never complains, I said my darling there’s been a long period you haven’t done shopping. She said when did I complain. I said you didn’t but still I feel for you. 

She said that nothing remains forever, and one day our situation will also get change, don’t lose hope. She embraced me in her hug and asked me to close my eyes, as if I will stop thinking. 

I questioned myself while pretending to her like I am sleeping, that when my wife can think this much for me , why not God open up a way for me , not that much required!!! but that much that I can live as a middle class life, can send my children to a good educational institute. Is it too much to ask from Almighty Allah.! But then I thanked to HIM for everything he has bestowed , I even havent been that good muslim to act on his guidance fully, still am enjoying a lot of his belssing 24/7. And then sleep took me. 

I woke up today morning, Thanked to God for another good day !!! She again hurriedly made my lunch box, gave me a kiss and I said thank you, she dont like my thank you , but I have to. 

She is doing more than I expect from her. I have always heard people complaining for their wives being extravagant but my wife is so realistic loving and caring that I wonder , God made her for me. 

Thank You Allah for such a partner!. 



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