God! Heal my heart

Cleanse my heart’s world God,

God Change it to a pure one.

My heart is full of greed and lust,

Got change it into a selfless one.

Change my heart’s world God

Change my whole world

How much long I live as a sinful soul

God show me way of goodness

I start listening your name in my heart for days & nights

Would love this , enlighten my heart.

There be no worry of this world in my heart

Fill your blessings in me, enlighten my heart

Let you take all my pleasures

Give me your grief, enlighten my heart

Bestow me your remembrance 

God Bless and Guide me.

I’m standing frustrated at your door

how long i can be , enlighten my heart

I just wish to be yours

Fulfil this wish, enlighten my heart!!!



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