I hate my Job!!!

Finding a job in current circumstances is really a tough job itself. Employers are quite reluctant to hire, and even if they do hire, they want a person who have decades of experience to demonstrate. This situation has made this world an Employer’s market where employees have no bargaining power. And this situation seems to be persist for a longer time. 

Somehow , when you manage to get a job , then still there are lot of problems to be faced; office politics, working environment issues, bullying, etc etc, which de-tastes the flavour of having a job. Many Times you feel you should quit your job but you can’t. Bearing all the curse feels OK when you compare your condition with losing a job and no pay check coming to you every month. After all you are wrapped up in chains, that coerce you to compromise with your situation. Because you love your family, you don’t want to see them starving, worried about running household. Every day you are alive you need money to live your live. Life has become very difficult and expensive, really!!. 



This funny pic really speaks a thousand words, many of us have no resources to support them when they are off the job , trying to switch the job and for accomplishing this purpose they have to take training or courses that lead to their dream job. 

Now take my example, I am doing this job since last six years, but there is no promotion for me here, no benefits like paid leaves, medical facility, insurance, provident etc etc. There is no career growth for me here, and thats really painful to absorb. 

People that joined with me or came later than me are having promotions and all the facilities one can dream off. Because they were hired on company panel while I was appointed as ‘contracted out’ employee. 

When I was born , I saw poverty in my home, tried my best to educate myself and equip with skills that are high in demand, but you know when you are having problems in a tender age, you have to decide whether you will carry on your education or you will support your father to run your house. And normally many like me opt to support their family instead of getting higher education. 

Getting higher education is also a elite’s job because it needs lot of investment. And that comes with a strong background. Talking about scholarships, these are also very hard to get. Because there are millions on intelligent people and if you are just an average because you couldn’t pursue your academic syllabus due to various problem you stand nowhere. 

So, I am carrying on my job with the hope that someday my kid will grow up , will try my best to get him good education and then he may get there where I couldn’t. 



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