Writing Dilemmas !!


Today I came to believe that writing is itself an art. It isn’t easy to write something down. To shape thoughts into words need a talent. I also am lacking this quality. I want to be a good writer as its vital for me to transform my thoughts into words in order to reach out to the outer world.

Firstly I am trying to read as much as I can like reading blogs, reading newspapers, books, auto biographies.

One thing that is common in all popular blogs and books is that the author has met something very miserable or struggling that has some sad and emotional touch. My life, in general, going very smooth comprising normal routine.

But somehow I will learn and enlarge focus of my mind to think out of the box and write that my readers may like to read.

Till I am not quitting , I wont be a looser! Right ! 🙂

Note: Attached picture is googled! .


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