My Arranged Marriage

I knotted myself in arranged marriage previous month on April 28, 2013. Like many of you , I also had many questions about marrying a girl that is totally stranger, called arranged marriage.


In our eastern world culture, love marriages are often discouraged and are taken as very rude by either family of boy or a girl. And it is the utmost desire of our parents that they may use this right to choose the partners of their kids. ( May be this sounds weird to you, but thats true).

It has been more than a month that I am continously thinking and observing my relationship with my newly married wife, to whom I never knew before. We never met at any gathering or party session and were totally blind about each others interests, likes or dislikes. For me it was really a gamble to marry a totally stranger.

I have found her very loving , caring, understanding and a wife who keeps his husband at top of the list. One good thing about arrange marriage is that you both remain at an equal position as you haven’t committed or have said big things , before you were marrying. So there are less expectations at both sides.

As we live in combined family system, its very necessary for us that our parents are happy with our partner. And when they are who decides whom we are marrying makes it easy to live a happy life.

Arrange marriage normally takes place in a social community from which you belong. If you are rich then they will select rich class and same is with poor to poor.

I am not advocating whether which one is better, but my point of view is this , if your spouse is loving and caring, understands you then its better to have arranged marriage with the consensus of your parents.

Its just like to be heaven if you have a wife that loves you and provides you physical and mental peace and happiness.

My all the doubts and reservations are now disappeared after living with her.

May our relationship , love and trust remain as it is today, forever.!


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